10 June 2011

Heartfelt: The blog name

10 June 2011
I really had a hard time choosing what  to name my blog. A lot of titles came to mind; I was inspired by so many things that my list went very long. I’d like to share a few that  I had on my list:
 Chasing happiness
Happy hearts
the happy cloud
happy talk
Left align
On a higher note
Repertoire on a cloud
Ebony and ivory
The dream bistro
The rag princess
Dream courier
Mornings in a cup
A streak of happiness
The candy cloud
On a cloud pillow
Think pink
Apple and cinnamon
Runaway princess
One percent ambition
One way ticket
The dreamcatcher
Harmony and symphony
Pillow talk
Unraveling the duchess
Here comes the queen
Full time duchess
Scarlett rhapsody
Tossed salad
Sunshine for tomorrow

See? I told you I listed a lot to choose from. Whoever reads this, you’re free to use anything on the list as your blog title/article name. I myself think that they can be used in the future to head journal entries.
So why heartfelt? One afternoon, after I attended the Sunday service I just went through the list again and “heartfelt” just struck me.
“Heartfelt” so sincere and straight to the point. It gives an idea that everything written in this blog came from the heart and it’s true. This blog is meant to contain more than just random thoughts in my head. All my dreams and aspirations in life will be written here; it’s a part of me that I’m sharing to my readers and the rest of the world. At this point, I feel that my life is so confined and that growth is not happening anymore.  My spirits are not as high as they were before. I feel so frustrated about dreaming wide awake, thinking that things will be better for me tomorrow. In reality, I could have accomplished so many things if not for the circumstances that I am in now. My motto is carpe diem: seize the day but isn’t this a dichotomy? I feel that my life itself is unfulfilled because of this. I’m tired of just thinking about my potentials. There are so many “what if’s” in my life. I want to be brave and bold, strive in life harder, move forward… I just want to wake up one morning and say to myself with no regret s what Hailey Reinheart told the judges on American Idol when they said her idea of singing Lady Gaga’s unrealeased song was not fit for the contest -- “hey, there was an opportunity and I took it.” I just thought that life is too precious for me to just waste it on my melancholic bouts.  I believe that happiness  is just within each one of us; it is upto us on how to nurture and unfold it before our very eyes.
I also like the play of words in “heartfelt.” When you break it down, you’ll get the words “heart”, “felt” and “art.”  The “art” in the middle is very significant because of my great love for it. I find art in music, fashion, makeup, drawings and just about anything in life. Art keeps me sane.  I can’t imagine living in this world without art.
Do you always like dreaming about the future? I admit to being a full time dreamer. As one old song says, “dreams are my reality, the only kind of real fantasy, illusions are a common friend, I’d like to live in dreams.”  My ideas bulk up to so much that my brain just wants to explode. Heartfelt is a wonderful way to channel these thoughts.
I sincerely wish that in way or another, this blog will help you as we all go through this exciting journey called life. I am writing my personal experiences and opinion in the hopes that someone, somewhere on this planet will be more optimistic and inspired just because of reading my  entries.
Make everyday a heartfelt one and live life to the fullest! Please enjoy reading my blog.

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