11 June 2011


11 June 2011
I've finished designing this blog without so much html/css knowledge, thanks to the following people/links...

The Heartfelt Banner

I've created the banner using MS Powerpoint 2007. No, I don't have Photoshop so I have to make do with what I have. The font of Heartfelt is "LT Chickenhawk" which is by Nymphont.

The ribbons on each side are dingbats from Lt Sweet Nothings.

The font of the words "Est" and "2011" is called Cedarville Pnkfun1 Cursive from this site.

The doily is from Lala, which I got for free here.

I got the heart here.

The Menu

The pink ribbon that I used as a menu is from here. The font for the labels is Cedarville as well.


The blue stripe background is something I've generated from here
The flag counter is from here.


This is how I got my favicon done.
Want to list labels?
Get free calendar icons + tutorial here.
Know about SEO.
You'll never regret watching this tutorial by puglypixeltv on YouTube. (Parts 1, 2 and 3).

Those should do the trick! Happy blogging! :)

Love and sunshine,


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