12 September 2011

How to customize the "labels", "read more," "posted by" and "comments" in blogger

12 September 2011
This post can be totally useless to some as this is really a feature of Blogger. However, there can still be newbies out there like me who are just finding their way through. I spend so many hours on Google trying to look for a solution on how to change names of the "labels", "read more," "posted by" and "comments"  here in Blogger. I found the answer when I wasn't even looking for it (Remember when you're trying to look for your pen and it can nowhere be found; then when you don't need it anymore, it's all over the house?)

 Anyway, I just wanted to personalize my blog so my readers will be more "at home."

I went from here:

 To here:

Here's what I did:

Go to Design> Page Elements> Edit (Under Blog Posts)

After you click Edit, this will appear:

From here, you can change:

Posted by to something like "Written by"
Comments to "Views" "Opinions" "Gossips"
Labels to "Categories" "Topics"
Read More to "See full post" "Continue Reading"

I also unchecked the share buttons because I want to remove those small icons at the end of my posts. I wanted my posts to look clean and I think the social networking icons are just too redundant since I already have those links on my sidebar.

Hope this helps!

Love and sunshine,

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